7 Things American’s won’t get about a Traditional British Xmas Dinner

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1. Bread Sauce…

Nothing beats a slice of Turkey with hot bread sauce on it… American’s just don’t understand it. ‘Bread in a sauce’ they ask! Oh Yes!! Yumminess in a packet!

bread sauce

2. Sixpence in a pudding…

Sixpence? Old money. Money? In a pudding? Huh? Well, for those who are in the know, You WANT to get the sixpence in your piece of pudding at a Christmas Dinner as it is meant to bring you luck for the following year! Just don’t eat it!!!


3. Christmas Crackers…


Not the cheese and biscuits kind!!!

No Christmas dinner table setting is complete without a good old Xmas Cracker. That terrible joke, the hat that Granny insists you must wear throughout dinner and the tacky favour. Discussions on how ‘good’ the snap was will for sure be a topic of conversation over dinner…..
(It’s all about the SNAP!)


4. Pigs in Blankets…

Not literally!

The majority of American’s think that these are made using ‘Little Smokie’s
( cough….fake sausages!!!) wrapped in pastry. Well, Nuh Uh!!!!! A proper Pig in Blanket is a delicious combination of a chipolata wrapped lovingly in streaky bacon. Perfection in a roll!!


5. Yorkshire Pudding…

Confusion fact. It’s not literally a pudding. In fact, Yorkshire puddings are made from a batter consisting of eggs, flour, and milk or water. They originated from Yorkshire, England, hence the name and Brits commonly use it as a vessel! Yup that’s right, a vessel to hold the obscene amount of gravy us Brits love to pour all over our Xmas dinners!!!


6. Mince Pies…

They are made with mincemeat – which interestingly enough doesn’t contain meat at all. The “mincemeat” is a mixture of dried fruit (raisins, sultanas, candied peel, etc.,) apples, spices, sugar and suet, often moistened with brandy or sherry, and baked. If the mincemeat is home made, tradition states that everyone in the household should stir it as it is considered to be lucky.


7. Chocolate Log (also known as a Yule Log)…

(I understand it, us Brits do have weird food names, however in our defense, IT ALL TASTES SO GOOD!!!)

A chocolate log, as I am sure you can figure out, is not an actual log covered in chocolate. It is a delicious Christmas tradition of a chocolate cake, shaped as a log. I know, I know. You’re asking ‘Why?’ Well, take a look here for all the fascinating history.


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