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Can you believe it’s almost time to start shopping for Christmas?! Some of you have probably have already.

Whether you love to shop or hate it, this could help. If you have any Brits on your Xmas list this year, BritBox has rounded up gift ideas for everyone on your list. You can’t go wrong with any of these. They’re not just for Brits and we won’t tell if you pick some up for yourself too!

Union Jack Pillow 2-Pack

Patriotic? Check.
Decorative? Check.
Comfy? Check.
Great gift for a man, woman or child!

BritBox's 2016 Xmas Gift List for Brits - Union Jack Pillows
$22.49 at Target

 Woolly Threads Pullover Sweater

Woollies started off on college campuses but now anyone can enjoy these super comfortable sweaters.
The British woman in your life would certainly appreciate one!

BritBox 2016 Xmas list for Brits - Woolly Threads pullover
$60-65 at Woolly Threads

 Hot Toddy Kit

No gift list would be complete without at least one adult beverage. What could be better than a hot toddy when the weather starts to cool down? You could make a kit yourself and give it a personal touch, or pick one of these up to save some trouble.

BritBox 2016 Xmas list - Travel Hot Toddy Kit

Special ‘Travel’ version for $24 at Sur la table

A Nice Hot Water Bottle

Soothing hot water bottles can be used for all sorts of things. These high quality hot water bottles also look great and there are even some ‘luxury’ versions made in Britain.

BritBox's 2016 Xmas Gift List for Brits
$8-15 at The Hot Water Bottle Shop

A BritBox Subscription or Sweet Tooth Special

BritBox delivers a little taste of home each month. What a great treat for anyone missing home. Authentic goodies from Britain are carefully curated and delivered right to your door. Gift cards and subscriptions are available and, for a limited time, BritBox is offering a special box packed with British chocolates!

BritBox's 2016 Xmas Gift List for Brits
$29-39 at BritBox

Christmas Crackers

These are sure to bring back great memories!

$19 at The English Tea Store

Denby Tea Cup / Tea Set

Somehow tea always tastes better in a nice cup. Show that you’ve got good taste and add the flavour of the UK by going with Denby.

$15 at Denby

A Classic Picnic Basket

Want to step it up a bit? This classic basket includes everything you need for a picnic – plus plenty of room for food and wine. Great for when the weather starts to get nice again!

$99 at Pottery Barn

Hope this bit of inspiration was helpful. The lucky person getting any of these will definitely appreciate it!!

What did we miss??? Leave your ideas in the comments and don’t forget to tag your best gift-giving friends so that they can share their tips.

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