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Hello Fellow BritBoxers! I wanted to share my love of BritBox experience with all of you.

A little background about me and what brought me to BritBox. I live in the middle of the United States, born and raised. An Anglophile who had grown up enjoying mainly what Public Broadcasting could bring me from across the pond. I have ate some basic British dishes, but when wanting more and turning to some cookbooks for advice I was unsure if I would really enjoy the food like I did the programming!

I had been searching for a monthly subscription box for over a year when I finally came across BritBox. I love getting post and was looking for a box at an affordable price and would have a good variety of items every month.
Mainly food items, but have not been disappointed at all with the boxes I have received.

All the candies have been tasty, European chocolate has a different taste. A person in the States can compare Cadbury chocolate eggs and bunnies at Easter. And I am usually not a white chocolate fan, but the white mice are creamy and sweet. The food mixes are a good starter to bring a person who has not had much British food to trying more daring items. A small Ploughmans plate pictured below can be done up as a snack or a meal. Ploughmans Pickles has a tangy taste and is great on a sandwich or crackers. The Salad Cream is delightful, and I find it difficult to think that others struggle with how to use it.

I have not enjoyed all the goodies as of yet, like the jar of Real Ale Chutney, but it sounds fabulous and I am looking forward to tasting it. Sometimes you cannot read the label to help you decide on how you will like it. Ploughmans pickles are not pickles yet is a delicious pickled treat. Penguins, a wafer cookie covered in chocolate, made me first think of those ice cream cone like wafer stick cookies with some kind of cream layer in the center. I am not a fan of those cookies or should I say biscuit? Either way, I do like the Penguins and love the jokes found on the wrappers! It reminds me of the jokes found in a Christmas Cracker, and I live for those at Christmastime. They are absolutely joy for such a simple thing.

From my childhood of watching All Creatures Great and Small, Doctor Who, and my love for the story of Robin Hood, seeing countryside, and the American intrigue about the Royalty to now still watching Doctor Who, expanding my British programming thanks to technology and BritBox showing me how to appreciate and enjoy British food, from the perfect cup tea, eggs, main dishes, and sweets.

Fellow BritBoxer Danielle

My picture as previously stated is a small Ploughmans lunch. I used the cream crackers that came with the pickles and salad cream. I also had the onion and cheese crisps from the previous box (not a strong onion flavor as I thought there might be). Served with ham and 2 types of English cheddar cheese. And a few white mice to sweeten the plate, and of course a cup of tea.

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