Avoid a kerfuffle with this handy list of British slang

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Do you live with or know a Brit and wonder what on Earth they are saying sometimes? Are you an aspiring Anglophile looking for some new lingo to help fuel your love for all things British? Or maybe even try to decipher terminology I sometimes use in my e-mails to you??

Well, I have compiled some of the most common used and best (in my opinion) British slang words and terms for you to start using and incorporating into your vocabulary immediately…



A wonderful word used to describe a situation or something that is a bit of a mess or is awkward.

‘I got into a right kerfuffle this morning trying to explain to my Boss why I was late today.’


Car Park

AKA: Parking lot in America. Boring one, yet useful!


A simple word that has a couple of meanings for us Brits. Firstly it is our word for trash, and secondly we use it to describe something that’s a bit naff (see next word for ‘naff’ explanation).


A polite way of expressing our displeasure in something.

‘Went for dinner at that new place that had just opened last night and it was a bit naff, (rubbish) so we ain’t going back!!’

Lost the plot

Other terms used are: ‘Off one’s trolley’ or ‘Sandwich short of a picnic’. All used to describe somebody who is a little crazy. Not all quite there mind wise.

Bob’s your Uncle

Not literally! Means that everything is, or will be fine.

Toodle Pip

Lovely term used to say see you later, or goodbye to somebody.


Slang term used for describing white trash. If you wish to see one, I suggest watching this clip.


Somebody who is sick or is getting sick.

‘My throat’s sore, my nose is running, I think I have the lurgy…’


A heated argument or confrontation.


Do you have one you wish to share with me? Leave your comments below and be sure to put the explanation for the thirsty for knowledge, die hard Anglophiles!!

Toodle Pip for now!!!

Love, Tammy xox